Feature Heavy. User Friendly.

Packed full of useful features and built with countless integration capabilities, Cartogram is your one-stop shop for all things wayfinding.

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Patient Guide

Why Wayfinding is Essential to Healthcare Growth.


Making Wayfinding Easy

turn Directions

Turn-by-turn Directions

With true door-to-door wayfinding, we get patients from their front door to yours in ways our competitors simply can’t.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room Patient Workflow

Just send a text message to get the wait time for your ER.

Interactive Chat

Interactive Chat

Send a text asking where you want to go, and receive step-by-step directions

Cartogram is Packed with Additional Features

Turn by turn directions

Adaptive Digital Signage

Realtime Location Data

Mobile Responsiveness

Interactive Kiosk Maps

Direction Sharing

Easy Content Management

Customizable Maps

Kiosk Integration

In Venue Search Engine

Multi-Venue Wayfinding

HIPAA Compliance


Under the Hood

Indoor Positioning

Built on a Proprietary Indoor Positioning System

Cartogram built our indoor positioning system from the ground up. We don’t license it from other companies like our competitors, giving hospitals an option for customization now and in the future.

MyChart Wayfinding Powered by Epic

Seamless Systemwide Content Integration.

Cartogram makes integrating with your EMR easy.


Unrivaled Accuracy.

Cutting Edge Cross-Property Tracking System

Cartogram’s propriety algorithm for comprehensive BLE beacon placement and deployment ensures best-in-class turn-by-turn indoor navigation up, down, and around your venues.

Learn More About Cartogram

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