A Technology-First Approach to Wayfinding

As a native extension of the Google Maps SDK for iOS, Android, and Javascript, Cartogram will integrate with any app on any screen.

Why Wayfinding is Essential to Healthcare Growth.


A Fully Featured Platform that Makes Integration Seamless

Customize everything.

Maps, Beacons, Content.

Manage sensors, and beacons effectively. Instantly modify maps to match appointment schedules and limited access areas.

Content Management

Manage your maps and content, right from your smartphone with native mobile content management. Web-based content management is also available.

Security and Compliance at the Core.

Your data lives inside of Cartogram’s private cloud services. Your venue data stays private and never gets sent to Google.

HIPAA Compliant

WCAG 2.0 AA Verified

Secure Cloud Storage

SOC II Certified


Gain Valuable Insights.

Wait Times, Traffic, Activity.

Automate dispatch for medical emergencies and monitor flow for staffing and capacity.

Wait Times

Traffic Flow

Patient Activity and Engagement


Designed for Developers

As a native extension of the Google Maps SDK, Cartogram offers developers access to Google APIs and Cartogram APIs in one seamless developer experience.

Tools for every Stack

Integrate into your existing app or serve up a standalone experience with an Android, iOS, or Javascript SDK

Prebuilt Integrations

Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Cisco, Ruckus... just a few of our turn-key integrations to make your deployment fast and easy.

We’re Trusted By Leading Nationwide Healthcare Providers

With services in over 35 healthcare facilities across the country, and available in all 50 states Cartogram is capable of getting patients to your front door, anywhere it may be.

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