Improve the Patient Experience with Seamless Navigation

Whether it’s a medical emergency, doctor’s appointment, or visiting a loved one, time is of the essence. We’ll expedite the processes of check-in, appointment scheduling, emergency response, and hospital wayfinding.

Trusted by Leading

Healthcare Providers

Dive into the metrics & money surrounding poor patient experience as a result of poor wayfinding experiences.

Guidance for your Patients.

At Every Step of the Way.

With true door-to-door wayfinding capabilities, Cartogram gets patients from their front door to yours in ways our competitors simply can’t.

Support for Every Screen

Cartogram is built to function across a wide variety of platforms, so you and your patients can enjoy an optimal wayfinding experience, regardless of the device.

Mobile Phones




Digital Signage

Put Directions in the Hands

(or Ears) of Your Patients.

We’re here to make wayfinding easier, not harder. That’s why Cartogram was built with both patients & providers in mind, offering accessibility from the mobile application, web application, SMS chatbot, and our 24/7 hotline.

SMS Chatbot

Mobile App

24/7 Hotline

Web App

Why Cartogram?

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