Finding Our Way with Cartogram

Cartogram solves the wayfinding problem in hospitals and other large buildings. We provide indoor mapping and navigation with a variety of delivery methods.

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Dive into the metrics & money surrounding poor patient experience as a result of poor wayfinding experiences.

Who We Are.

Leaders in Innovation.

Founded in 2014, Cartogram started from the simple dream of never getting lost regardless of whether you’re inside or outside. Our mission is to navigate anyone from anywhere to anywhere.



Hardware, software, and content management create an easy-to-use system that keeps the patient moving exactly where they need to go.



Mobile and web applications, SMS chatbox, 24/7 call centers, digital signage. Puts the directions directly in the patients hands, eyes, or ears.



Proprietary technology meets system integration in profound efficiency.

Our Mission.

Charting the Course.

Cartogram has expanded in the last 6 years to make wayfinding accessible to everyone, regardless of their device and preferred communication method.

Our Vision.

Wayfinding Made Easy.

Marrying sophisticated navigation software with streamlined user interface; Cartogram will change the way we get around hospitals and find our way.

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